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  • Do I need Internet Security Software installed on my computer?
    Only if your computer is connected to a DSL or Cable Modem and you are not using a router. A router provides complete isolation from your Internet connection. We do not recommend using Norton Internet Security or BlackICE Defender software with a router, since it will end up blocking access to the Internet and interfere with many web-sites.
  • My computer is running slowly; how can I get it to go faster?
    Add more RAM memory. There is a noticeable difference between using 512mb and 1gb RAM on Windows XP systems, and a large difference between 1gb and 2gb on Vista/Windows 7.
  • How will a server help my business run more efficiently?
    A server is simply the name assigned to a computer with a shared hard drive. Any computer can be designated a server, but what makes a server valuable is when all users agree to store all of their data files on the server.
  • How do I prevent employees from accessing porn sites, downloading music, checking personal e-mail and sending instant messages?
    A router with content filtering features will check and prevent certain web-sites from being accessed. Another method is to configure Internet Explorer to prevent displaying certain web-sites.
  • My computer locks-up/freezes/re-boots/crashes frequently. How can I make it more reliable?
    Upgrade to Windows XP, Vista or 7. There is nothing that can be done to eliminate lockups and freezes from Windows 95, 98 and ME.
  • How can I Track My Orders ?
    Please visit
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